Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your delivery time?

We aim our delivery time for 6-8 weeks. Please make sure to confirm this with us before ordering as time may change due to unforeseen events.

What are the sofas made of?

All our sofas are produced with either beech or oak wood frame, coil springs and T30 grade foam. The upholstery fabric is of your choice from our showroom or online samples. The components used are of the highest quality and complies with fire-safety regulations.

Do you have more fabric options?

Yes. Please visit our showroom or contact us.

Can I customise my sofa?

Yes. Choosing the colour, legs and side of the sofa is always free of charge. Charges may apply if a sofa model is made smaller or bigger, to suit your measurements.

What is the product warranty?

We provide a guarantee for 2 years on all of our products and the components they are made of. This also includes the frame and fabric, when used correctly.

What is your cancellations policy?

In line with the government guidelines we offer a full refund if the item is faulty, not as described or does not do what it’s supposed to. A full refund is only eligible if order is cancelled within 14 days of placing exclusively via this website and you have not seen the item in store prior to purchase. After this period, we cannot process full refunds as we would have incurred costs preparing your order. 

We do not offer refunds if:

  • You knew an item was faulty when buying
  • The item is damaged due to you or someone not authorised trying to repair it
  • You no longer want an item after viewing in person or placing a wrong order (e.g. wrong size or colour / changed your mind).

What is your returns policy?

We will only accept a return if the item is faulty or not as described. This needs to be reported to us within 7 working days of delivery. Item will only be accepted if it hasn’t been used and is in a pristine condition. The customer will have to pay a collection cost or arrange their own courier. Collection cost is calculated at £45 in Bristol + 50miles, customers outside this range (51+ miles) will need to pay £1 per every extra mile.

Returns will not be accepted if the sofa has been assembled by our delivery team and you have signed our proof of delivery document, stating that you are happy and accept the sofa.

Does delivery include assembly?

Yes. No matter what floor you live on, we will assemble your item for you. For deliveries above ground floor, please see below for extra charges.

Do you deliver above ground floor?

Yes, please note that there will be an extra charge, payable in cash to our driver on delivery. There is no charge, if your building has a working lift. If there is no lift, or in the event of the lift is not working, we charge £10 for every floor we need to climb. Please see below for price reference:

1st floor within a family house – no extra charge

No lift:

1st floor in a block of flats £10

2nd floor in a block of flats £20

3rd floor in a block of flats £30 and so on.


If you have a question not included above, or would like to find out more, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!